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Every Infnite product contains powerful digestive enzymes, which reduce food allergies and intolerances while increasing the bioavailability of nutrients in our Infnite foods.

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You can satisfy your Recommended Daily Intake of probiotics simply by eating any one of our probiotic boosted foods, just look for the probiotic icon on the front of the packet!

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Our unique Sacha Inchi Coconut protein blend was sourced and developed to provide a complete amino acid profile – without resorting to far less bioavailable and digestible animal products. 

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We understand the importance of making sure our products are not just the best tasting – but also the healthiest foods, in both macro and micronutrients.

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infnite healthy xylitol

Sick of the unethical state of things in food production, we decided to make a difference with Infnite. As our uinderstanding of the impacts of simple sugars and insulin increase over time – so too does community awareness of the issues that arise from over-indulgence in common market offerings of sweet foods.

By using 100% non-GMO, Birch Bark Organic Xylitol to sweeten our products, combined with natural hunks of dried fruits, we hope this non-refined sugar option offers low fructose alternative for those struggling with weight gain and related metabolic disease.